Orc Civil War (2) - Summer 382 (RRtK)

YEAR 382, Summer, orc territory
During the first strike of the orc civil war, Barad was slain in a surprise attack. After that, Grishak went quickly to Black Fang territory to challenge Shagga, the Black Fang's leader.

Shagga's troops are coming from the north.
Shagga and his heaviest troops.
Grishak is trying to reach the top of the eastern hill.
Maneuvering with undisciplined troops isn't easy...

Before the clash
Grishak's wolf riders are boldly charging...
A fierce fight!
More Grishak's troops are joining the fight.
Shagga's tribe is defeated!

The orc tribes are now UNITED under Grishak's iron fist.


  1. Nice: setup and figures (they are so tiny!). The game mat is really a fine piece of work. Did you make it, or is it a commercially produced item?

  2. Thanks Jay. The mat is from Zuzzy (very good product by the way) and painted by me.

  3. Very nice, good pics and cool minis. Sounds like Grishak is building up a Waagh.

  4. RRTK is something i'm interested in playing in 6mm, great to read these reports!

  5. Thanks Spacejacker; I think 6mm/10mm is the perfect scale for RRtK.

  6. Wow, that was quick. I figured Grishnak for the winner, just thought he would have a harder time of it.