Gorbagh's Death - summer 381 (RRtK)

Historians often say that the chaos era in the Annürien Marches started with the death of the orc leader, Gorbagh...

During the summer 381, the orc war leader  Gorbagh decided to strike the Border Kingdoms through goblin territory. Duke Bohemond, hastily, mustered his troops.

Note on scale
- ground: 1 inch equaling to 50 yards.
- one stand of figures equaling 200 to 500 combatants (so for example: 50 for giants or trolls, 100 for skirmishers, 200 to 300 for a stand of three mounted figures, 300 to 400 for a stand of three foot soldiers, 300 to 400 for a stand of four mounted figures and 500 for a stand of four foot soldiers).

So the orcs invaded the Border Kingdoms with an army of more than 6000 foots and 800 wolf riders. Duke Bohemond could count on his 600 knights and 5500 soldiers.

The battle lines

Orcs are advancing...
... meanwhile the orc left flank is deploying.
Because of skirmishers' shooting the orcs (with Gorbagh in the front) charge!
The skirmishers quickly retire and the orcs clash against the Borderers.
A fierce fight!
Gorbagh is killed with his troops!
But the orc press on their attack. 
Losses are heavy for all but the orcs are outnumbered and retire.
The Kingdom is safe for the moment...


  1. Cool game and beautiful armies. I'm thinking of playing this in 6mm...

  2. I think a Warmaster scale (10mm or 6mm) should be great with all measures in cm and a smaller board.

  3. Which size are your bases?
    Great Battle!

  4. @ Thanks Flo. Infantry Base = 4cm x 2cm ; Rider = 4cm x 3cm

  5. Nice report. The figures and terrain look really good. I have a question about the initial map move. How far can an army move, and do intervening territories ever block movement?

  6. Excellent. Definitely encouraging to play RRtK again. For now I can only be envious of your miniatures, as I am only planning to go for 6mm minis. Still using counters...

    Great report. Keep them coming!

  7. @ Sean: Movement are pretty quick when straight (8'' for light infantry) and woods, roughs, etc. reduce indeed movement by half. The rule emphasizes the deployment.

  8. Nice Campaign, and great Blog!

    What is the size for the battlefield?