ONI for Ronin (3)

An ONI is a supernatural creature (Yokai) in japanese folklore. ONI are usually evil (as you can imagine looking at the beast below...).


Yamabushi Buntai for Ronin (2)

Over recent weeks, I have been planning several Buntai (small groups of warriors) for Ronin. I already have painted a first war band led by a Yamabushi (a warrior with supernatural powers).

The Yamabushi (Munisai) leads a Bushi Buntai with :

- a Samurai (Owari) with Katana and Heavy Armor (24 points);

- a Samurai (Kojiro) with a Nodashi and Light Armor (25 points);

- a Samurai (Nagaoka) with Yumi and Light Armor (25 points);

- a Warrior Monk (Takuan) with Naginata and Light Armor (24 points).

Total: 33+24+25+25+24=131 points







X-Wing: Prison Ship

A raid is set to liberate a rebel spy captured by Imperial Intel. The spy is transferred to a Prison Spaceship. During the transfer the Rebels attack! Fortunately for the Imperials Darth Vader is escorting Moff Jerjerrod's VT-49 Decimator...

I've played the rebels and the boys the imperials.




The objective: Prison Ship

 The Rebels are chasing the VT-49 Decimator.

The Y-Wing is shot down

With no shield and only 2 hit points the Decimator manages to reach the Prison Ship.


Samurai Fantasy Warfare: Ronin (1)

A while ago, wanting to try an other skirmish rule, I bought Craig Woodfield's Ronin from Osprey Publishing. As you can read it on the website the rules enable to play in medieval Japan : "Set in an age of feuding samurai, wandering swordsmen and fearless warrior monks, Ronin is a skirmish wargame that captures the flavour and excitement of such Akira Kurosawa films as Seven Samurai and Yojimbo".

You can play "historical" with, for example, North Star figures.

Since I plan to play in a fantasy world I found on eBay Onis from Legend of the 5 Rings AEG Miniatures.
For the moment most of my figures are Amanojaku (Goblins).

Most of the Amanojaku are wearing Heavy armor (20 points). One is without armor (14 points) and the other with no armor and a yari (17 points).
There is also a sorcerer, the boss, with the following characteristics: no armor (14 points),  shoot 3 (+3), Fireball (as Teppo, +3) = 20 points.

Amanojaku with Heavy Armor

Amanojaku with No Armor

The Sorcerer


A Summer in a X-Wing

During holidays I managed to plan no less than seven games of X-Wing with my son (6 years old) and my three nephews (7-14-15).
I've not taken pictures of the first games (very simple ones to learn the rules). But the last two were epic.

In this game 4 imperial pilots are fighting the Millennium Falcon piloted by Han Solo. TIE fighters are fragile but efficient machines, hard to hit and highly maneuverable...

The opposing forces:
The Falcon with some improvements and Chewie

The TIE fighters

At first the Falcon handled the fight easily...

... with a TIE fighter destroyed in the asteroid field.

But a critical hit injured Han Solo who lost control of the Falcon in the asteroid field, causing heavy damages.

And a lucky shot (by my son) did the rest... Bye bye Solo.

FREEING HAN SOLO (from Boba Fett)
In this game 4 rebel pilots (2 X-Wings ; 2 A-Wings) are trying to prevent Boba Fett (and his escort of two TIE Interceptors) to sell Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt. Fett and the Slave One are no match for ordinary pilots...

The opposing forces:
2 TIE Interceptors and Boba Fett

Two wings of two fighters (each with A-Wing and X-Wing)

Dogfights above Tatooine

After the death of all rebel pilots, Fett is heading for Jabba's palace...