5150 No Quarter AAR

I've just given a try to 5150 No Quarter, the 2HW Mecha combat ruleset. I modified a little the rules in order to play quicker: no range limitation for weapon, movement are by hexagones, "shield" can negate 3 impacts before being useless.

The Sky Shogunate has sent the cruiser Kobayashi Maru to Hypsania Belnonis IV in order to take back the planet from the Seeennss invaders.

Team Kuroda has to capture a strategic crossroad. The team is composed of 3 Mobile Armored Suits  (MAS) + 1 in reserve (not deployed in this mission). These state of the art suits from Suidabashi Heavy Industries are as follow:

Musashi Model (code Kuroda One - Lieutenant Otomo - Rep 5)
Class 3 ; Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Jump Pack
Weapons: Particule Beam Projector (Target 1 ; Impact 6) ; Powersword (Impact 4)
Shield (3)

Hiryu Model (code Kuroda Two - Corporal Matsushita - Rep 5)
Class 3 ; Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Jump Pack
Weapons: Medium Laser (Target 1 ; Impact 2) ; 2 x Rocket Launcher (Target 2 ; Impact 2) ; Powerfist (Impact 2) - Shield (3)

Akisame Model (code Kuroda Three - Corporal Ishida - Rep 5)
Class 3 ; Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Jump Pack
Weapons: 2x Medium Laser (Target 1 ; Impact 2) ; 2 x Vibroblade (Target 1 ; Impact 3)
Shield (3)

in reserve:
Hosto Model (code Kuroda Four - Corporal Shin - Rep 4)
Class 3 ; Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Jump Pack
Weapons: Medium Laser mark 2 (Target 1 ; Impact 3) ; Vibroblade (Target 1 ; Impact 3) ; Powershield  (Target 2 ; Impact 5 - shield 5 on the left side).

My son and I have played an attack mission. The objective is to capture the crossroad.
We deployed 3 "loaded" PEF for the Seeennss invaders.

PEF 1 Code Sakura 1; Sakura 2
2 x Class 3  Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Weapons: 2  Heavy Laser (Target 1 ; Impact 4)

PEF 2  Code Sakura 3
1 x Class 1 Armor: Head (4) Legs(5), Arms(4), Chest(7), Gut(7)
Move: 2 hex
Weapons: 2 x PPG (Target 1 ; Impact 5)

PEF 3 Code Sakura 4; Sakura 5
1 x Class 3  Armor: Head (3) Legs(3), Arms(3), Chest(5), Gut(4)
Move: 4 hex
Weapons: 2  Heavy Laser (Target 1 ; Impact 4)

1 x Class 5 Armor: Head (2) Legs(2), Arms(1), Chest(3), Gut(3)
Move: 6 hex
Weapons: Heavy Laser (Target 1 ; Impact 4)

The objective (crossroad)... (North is up)

The 3 PEF (North is left)

Kuroda Two deployed

Kuroda One deployed and PEF 2 resolved

Reaction fires are only hitting obstacles (thanks to the laser pointer)

 Kuroda Two is trying to flank PEF 3 (already revealed) 

Kuroda One has just destroyed Sakura 4

In the same turn Kuroda Two destroyed the Class 5 MAS (Sakura 5) on the flank

But, in the center Sakura 2 hits hard Kuroda One and destroys its right arm

Kuroda One is ducking back

Fortunately Kuroda 3 is being deployed

As soon as Kuroda 3 starts to move he is quickly destroyed by Sakura 3

 Kuroda 3's chest explodes and the pilot is killed

Kuroda One charges Sakura 2 and makes him flee after cutting his arm

 Then Kuroda One charges Sakura 1 and cuts him in two

But Sakura 3 (an heavy MAS) pulverizes Kuroda One's chest (the pilot is safe)

 Kuroda Two fires at Sakura 3 and made him flee

The objective is ours!

Kuroda One heavily damaged (chest and arm) - lieutenant Otomo is well
Kuroda Three destroyed - corporal Ishida dead
Kuroda Two ready for action
Kuroda Four ready for action

Three Seeennss class 3 MAS and one class 5 have been destroyed (Sakura 1, 4 and 5) ;
Two Seeennss have fled:
- Sakura 2 has been damaged
- Sakura 3 is ready for action


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