Orc Civil War (1) - Spring 382 (RRtK)

YEAR 382, Spring, orc territory
After Gorbargh's Death the orc tribes are fragmented and must fight to be united again (RRtK, p.55). So the three bigger orc tribes fight each other to find a new leader with the following Leaders and units:

Grishak is the more cunning (I rolled a 6 for his War Rating...) so I decided to give him a magic item found in the Land of the Deads, the infamous Pipes of the Deads (summon skeletal units in battle but cost one Recruiting Roll).

In the first move of the War, Grishak's tribe launch a lighting attack against the Death's Claw.

Barad is on the northern hill. Grishak starts from the south.
Orc leader Barad (behind the skirmishers)
Grishak with his cavalry and supported by undeads
The two lines advancing
Before the clash...
Thanks to the Pipes of the Deads, Grishak summoned two skeletal units to protect his wolf riders. The fight was furious and Barad was slain.

Thanks to the undeads, Barad's troops are routed.
The end is near...

After this masterstroke, the Death's Claw tribe joined the Grinning skulls... Grishak's tribe gains one Recruiting Roll (Wolf Riders!).


  1. I like how the story is shaping up and the battles look like a lot fun. Quick and brutal, just how an Orc likes it.

  2. Just how I like it too. When we're talking gaming, I mean.