SG-19 Mission One: SG-9 is missing...

I'm starting a campaign in the Stargate universe with 5150: New Beginnings by Two Hour Wargames. This campaign is about a SG team: SG-19.

SG-9, a diplomatic team led by attorney major Stan Kovachek, disappeared while conducting a diplomatic mission on planet Edora. SG-19 is sent to Edora to investigate...

I roll for the mission with 5150:NB tables and I adapt the results for my campaign (maybe it should be easier with After the Horsemen tables, because in this game the encounters are mostly outside cities).

ENCOUNTER NAME : SG-9 is missing…
DATE : July 21, 1997.
TYPE : Raid
OBJECTIVE : Find SG-9, a diplomatic team led by attorney major Stan Kovachek. They disappeared while conducting a diplomatic mission on planet Edora.
EMPLOYER : U.S. (Local) Government
AREA : planet Edora
TERRAIN : see the map below
LAW LEVEL : = Encounter Rating 5
PEF : 2 in the area (p. 117)
Major Rise, Sergeant Kovach, Corporal Stone, Pvt O'Brian

The diplomatic discussions were to take place in a temple with a strong symbolic value in the eyes of Edorians. This temple is not far from the Stargate.
SG-19 is coming from the East. The temple is on the center. Two Possible Enemy Forces (PEF) have been detected.

PEF 1 moves toward the temple meanwhile PEF 2 splits in two.

SG-19 splits also in two: Major Rise and O'Brian are moving to the north side of the hill, Kovach and Stone to the south's.

O'Brian advances cautiously toward PEF 1 in the temple.

And he discovers: four Jaffas!

I resolved the PEF with the table p. 117 with the following modifiers:
- nada = nada
- LWC = Edorians
- Police = SG-9
- CE = Jaffas
I determined their number normally using the How Many table p. 118.

Time for the In Sight Test! All the Jaffas aren't taking the test, only he that could actually see O'Brian. Two successes for both: they will fire simultaneously.

Only O'Brian's fire is effective.

Two Jaffas are down (an out of the fight and a stun) and the two others flee!

Major Rise runs to dispatch the stunned Jaffa.

The two others PEF are approaching but the team is up.

It's SG-9 (PEF3) followed by angry Jaffas (PEF2)!!!!!!!!

Major Stan Kovachek in the front with civilian clothes

Time for an other In Sight Test! First it's between SG-9 and the Jaffas. SG-19 has no line of sight for now.


 Two Jaffas are down (Stun + OD). Two soldiers ducked back and one is down (stunned). Fortunately Stan Kovachek managed to run behind SG-19.

With two Jaffas in line of sight SG-19 opened fire (I added SG-19 to the ongoing In Sight Test, p. 41).

Hard times for the Jaffas...

Taking advantage of this respite one of the soldiers will rescue the stunned soldier...

... and Stan Kovachek is escorted to safety.

To cover the withdrawal, Rise throws a smoke grenade.

A mad Jaffa runs through the smoke and is killed by the covering fire...

The mission is a success with all the men (of the two teams) back to SGC. 

Since all the requirements are met, all the members of SG-19 can try to raise their REP or Skill (p. 140).


  1. Great sharp pictures and nice batrep too. That zuzzy mat looks fantastic!

  2. Nice encounter, I like your counters too. Good mod of 5150.

  3. Can't wait for more batreps like this one. Great setting, nice terrain, solid writeup; overall looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Good mix text and photos. Very cool that you can play the encounter on a small size board - shows that bigger is not always better. I also like your backdrop. I'll have to pick one up like that for my photos.