The Amulet of Sorbrowane Campaign: THE END!

After the bloodbath in the Temple of Azazael, Misan and Venna tried to find help. Fortunately a Brethren picket crossed their road (4 Praetorians and a brother sergeant, 6 heavy spearmen, 4 fusiliers).

Brethren Praetorians

They went back to the Temple of Azazael (now empty) and through the Mirror to the Amulet in Dark Elf (Dirz) territory. They are the true robbers of the Amulet, traitor Wolfens were plainly their agents.

The forces of the Light are advancing...

After revealing a PEF, Venna charges...

A Dasyatis Prime guards the Amulet!
Misan is its next target!
With the Dasyatis butchering Misan, two Praetorian take the Amulet...
... and flee!
But the Dasyatis isn't far behind...

Venna, who was the only survivor of the Amulet's theft, sacrifices herself to buy time for the Brethren.

Venna is killed but the two last Brethrens managed to flee. The Amulet is safe. The Forces of Light have prevailed!!!!!!!!

As usual, the miniatures are from Rackham. It's the end of a campaign started in April 2011
At last.


  1. Very satisfying conclusion...if you are not one of the fallen I suppose : )

    As usual a beautiful set up. Those are very nice trees.

  2. Greetings: nice everything. Lots of different objects to maneuver through and battle in. Figures are painted and based very well, and the map is nicely organized. Enjoyable!

  3. Lovely figures and set up and the satisfaction of concluding a campaign.

  4. Very cool - great table, figures and story. How very satisfying it is to play a campaign to a conclusion. Much bette to run a full but smaller one than a big campaign that gets abandoned.

    Who makes that great skull temple? I need one for my Pulp cultists!

  5. Thanks all!
    @Paul: the temple is from GW.

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