Agony in Cerulian (WH:AA)

Dark Elf clans regularly organize raids against frontier villages of the Border Kingdoms...

The following scenario for WH:AA describes one such raid.

Three bands of Dark Elves seek to assert themselves by plundering as much as possible the peaceful village of CERULIAN. The Duke of Alahan has dispersed his troops on the border villages to ensure their protection.

The Dark Elves
Each band comes from a different table edge.
The composition of the three bands is identical:

- A chief (leader)
  REP5 – AC6 (Full Plate) – 2HW(impact7) – Hardiness 2 – MV6
- A swordsman (+1 REP for melee and +1 for impact / shield)
  REP4 – AC6 (Full Plate) – 1HW (impact 5+1) – MV6
- Two guards (shield)
  REP4 – AC4 – 1HW (impact 5) – MV6
- A marksman (+1REP for firing / hand crossbow)
  REP4 – AC6 – 1HW (impact 5) – MV6
- Two crossbowmen (hand crossbow)
  REP4 – AC4 – 1HW (impact 3 – short sword) – MV6

The village 
Populated by villagers (REP2, sometimes REP3).
It is occupied by a patrol from the guard tower:
- 8 guards from the Duchy of Alahan (REP4, AC5, 1HW, MV6)
- a standard bearer (REP4, AC5, 1HW, MV6)
- a captain (REP5)

Looters’ objective
- in each house is (at least) a treasure worth 5PV (it needs one round to exit an house with a treasure carried with TWO HANDS (running is prohibited) ;
- It is possible to capture an animal (with two hands and it's worth 2PV, it also requires 4'' of movement to capture) ;
- It is also possible to capture a woman (make unconscious in a fight and carry her just like a treasure) for 3PV.

The winner is the player with the most points out on his table edge.

If a double is rolled with activation dices :

- the player rolls on the Random Events Table

Draw a card (from the Random Events Cards for WHAA deck)
REINFORCEMENTS: 1d6 +1 guards (REP4, AC5, 1HW, MV6) enter the road (from the West) and run to the village

- BUT the player controls all the guard of Alahan for this activation!

A patrol enters the village
The captain discusses with a traveling priest
Dark elves attack!!!
Alahan soldiers are ready...
And reinforcements arrive!
But Dark Elves are everywhere...
... And Alahan guards are outnumbered!

When all guards have been killed or fleeing the Elves looted the village and captured the women...
I ran this WH:AA game with four players (3 Elves and one guards/villagers) and it was a lot of fun with an Elf (Eric) coming back to his clan with 25 victory points (the next player has only 15)! Only two Dark Elf soldiers (Eric's) out of 21 were wounded/killed. Ten guards were wounded/killed and five fled.

Two players played WH:AA for the first time and enjoyed the game, especially the chaos created by reaction tests. They have only trouble with the firing rules (I think they will prefer Swordplay firing rules).
The figures are 28mm Rackham repainted and the houses have been scratch built by John.

It's always a pleasure to play Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures.


  1. Looks a fun scenario! Beautiful set up as always.

  2. Great scenario, and I love the buildings!

  3. Thanks for these great report and yours
    beautiful pictures ;)
    A lot of fun our party !