A small step for my son, a giant leap to RPG?

After having seen E.T. with my four (and a half - it's important for him that I mention it) years old son I decided it was time to play a D&D-like game: HERO, Immortal King: The Infernal Forge.

Not an unforgettable game, BUT, maybe the first (little) step to RPG?!  ;-)


  1. May I recommend Once upon a Time? The french Tarot-sized version especially, it's got gorgeous and big pictures. We just play it without an ending, the first one to play all their cards win. It really builds on critical imagination skills, plus if you start voice acting, your child will do so too. And it's good for stimulating reading skills to boot! My oldest is 6, and we've played Oui, seigneur des ténèbres, Castle Ravenloft and Shadows over Camelot. Good times!

  2. Fun! I can´t wait for my daughter, 3 years old (i really understand your "half" above), to start playing with me.