The Amulet of Sorbrowane Campaign (Prologue #1 & #2)

Here is the beginning of our new Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures Campaign :

"Legend has it that long ago Sorbrowane, one of the Old Ones, crafted three artifacts, that when used together would, summon the Creators back to Talomir. They were an Amulet, a Brazier, and a War Horn.
After the three were completed they were taken from the forests of what is now Altengard to Crag Drum, the highest spot known at that time. But before they could be assembled together the Old Ones were ambushed by descendants of the present day Orcs. Sorbrowane was killed and the Artifacts lost" (Rally Round the King p. 62).

For many years the Wolfen (the Old Ones' sacred warriors) have been the Amulet's secret keepers, but things are changing...


PROLOGUE #1 *******
Yarl, a Great Fang, has discovered that the Shaitann Clan wants to steal the Amulet. Yarl is trying to warn the vestasl of the temple where the amulet is kept .
Two Fangs are 12'' behind him and two are coming from the front edge from which Yarl is trying to escape (each double on activation dices a new Fang enters on the same table edge).

While the fangs that pursue him are reluctant to charge (NPC Action Tables, WHAA p.48), Yarl is quickly into position to attack the two fangs in front of him. The battle is brief and bloody.

Even if reinforcements arrive (two doubles are rolled), Yarl deals with them easily (one routs, the other is OOF) and escapes to warn the vestals.

PROLOGUE #2 *******

The traitorous Wolfens are advancing toward the temple.

But Yarl and the vestals are ready.

A small group of traitors are trying to bypass the line of the vestals. They charge those in the temple. One flees. The other tries to outmaneuver the traitors.

The fighting are fierce. Several times traitors are saved by their superior hardiness. In the end only one traitor is OOF. Yarl manages to flee.

For the first time since centuries the Amulet is no more secure...



For those who can't wait for Warrior Heroes Book 2 (The Adventurers Handbook) here are some Skills & Attributes to use with Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures.
They follow the rules explained pp. 9-11 of the rulebook. They are mainly adapted from other TwoHourWargames’ games.

I propose the following (very simple) rules :
- Each NPC rolls once. Each PC chooses one skill or one attribute and roll for one attribute.
- For the CV’s formula each positive skill/attribute confers +1 point and each negative -1 (never below 1).
- Advancing Skills as per the rule p.16. Each new skill starts with a level equals to REP-2.

Any comments are welcome.


Escape (Caer Fingaard's Saga #4 and END)

Après sa capture Caer est conduit avec les autres prisonniers dans un camp de gobelins. Il constate rapidement qu'ils n'ont pas été capturés pour être interrogés mais mangés ! Après avoir récupéré de ses blessures (il est REP 4 maintenant) Caer tente de s'enfuir par une nuit noire.

After his capture Caer is conducted with the other prisoners in a goblin camp. He quickly noted that they were not captured for questioning, but being eaten! After recovering from his injuries (he is now REP 4) Caer tries to escape during a dark night.

Escape mission: WHAA p.56
Star is alone (dice=3 p.56)
The prisoner has access to mount (dice=1) at (dice=1+6) 7’’ from the point of confinement (from a borderer cavalryman taken prisoner).
Escape takes place after dark (dice=3) ; LOS is reduced to 12’’.

TURN = 1 ROLL = 1 => ALARM!!

A ce point je décide de procéder à quelques tirages de dés en avance avant d'installer le champ de bataille.

At this point I decide to make some runs ahead of the dice before I install the battlefield.

Combat Value of captors = 1+5=6 => force are equal (cv = 4)
11: Gobelin (coming from the escape table edge)
7: Gobelin (12’’ behind Caer)
12: Ogre (12’’ behind Caer)

Caer est donc à 12’’de l’ogre et du gobelin. Devant lui, à 7’’ il y a le cheval et la liberté...

Caer is 12'' far from the ogre and goblin. Before him at 7'' there is an horse and freedom ...

ACTIVATION ROLL 1: Gob = 4 / Caer = 3

L’ogre et le gobelin tentent de rattraper Caer en courant.
Charge Test pour l'ogre : pass 2d6 ; Caer ne peut s'enfuir.
Fast Move Test :
- 2 réussites pour l’ogre (il avance de 12’’ et parvient au contact) ;
- 1 pour le gob (il avance de 9’’) ;

The ogre and goblin are trying to catch up Caer running.
Charge Test : pass 2d6 ; Caer can't escape the fight.
Fast Move Test:
- Two successes for the ogre (he moves 12''and comes into contact);
- 1 for the gob (he moves 9'');

Ogre : 5d6+1d6 (larger base) = pass 2d6
Caer : 4d6-1d6 (terror) = pass 0

Caer est blessé (OOF). L'ogre le découpe pour le petit déjeuner... C'EST LA TRISTE FIN DE LA SAGA DE CAER FINGAARD.
Il sera vengé.

Caer is wounded (OOF). The ogre cuts him into pieces for breakfast ... THIS IS THE SAD END OF FINGAARD'S SAGA.
He will be avenged.

No need to set up the battlefield with Caer bad luck with dices. I hope he will find his way to Tir na n'Og (the Otherworld in Irish legend). Thanks to Caer I have now about thirty Celt figures painted.


WOLFEN! (Repainting Rackham Plastic Miniatures)

Suite à mon achat compulsif de figurines Rackham, je prépare une campagne pour Warrior Heroes : Armies & Adventures.
Difficile de résister à l'envie d'améliorer le rendu des figurines (dont certaines n'ont bénéficié que de quelques maladroits coups d'aérographe).

Following my compulsive buying of Rackham miniatures, I am preparing a campaign for Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures.
Difficult to resist the urge to improve the figures' painting (some of which received only a few clumsy airbrush shots).



Today, repainting plastic figures ; next step: the Golden Demon.


Ambush (5150 Campaign on Marquinane #5)

Dans l'épisode précédent l'équipe de mercenaires d'Assandj, soutenue par des troupes gouvernementales (PDF) ont donné l'assaut à une base supposée abriter le cerveau (high value target - HVT) derrière le vol du cardamium. La cible est parvenue à s'enfuir par un passage secret. Heureusement deux squads de PDF occupent la route secondaire par laquelle un convoi suspect est en route. Une embuscade est organisée.

In the previous episode Assandj's mercenary team, backed by government troops (PDF) stormed the secret base of the high value target (HVT) behind the theft of cardamium. The target managed to escape through a secret passage. Fortunately two PDF squads occupy the secondary road by which a suspicious convoy is en route. An ambush is organized.

L'effet de surprise est meurtrier. Un blindé léger est détruit par le canon à plasma, trois camions sont immobilisés. Plusieurs Sporcs sont knocked down ou blessés.

The surprise is absolute. A light armored vehicle is destroyed by the plasma gun, three trucks are immobilized. Several sporcs are knocked down or injured.

Mais les sporcs sont résistants. Ils se reprennent vite et malgré leurs pertes font pleuvoir un déluge de feu sur les PDF (troupes moins bien armées, moins protégées et de faible moral). Plusieurs PDF prennent la fuite (des REP 3), de nombreux autres sont blessés. L'effectif réduit à un tiers, l'officier en charge ordonne le repli. La cible parvient une nouvelle fois à s'enfuir (avec peu de troupes et seulement deux véhicules)!

But sporcs are resilient. They quickly recover and despite their losses rain down fire on the PDF (outgunned, less protected and with low morale). Many PDF flee (PDF with REP 3), many others are wounded. The number reduced to one third, the officer orders the withdrawal. The target manages to escape again (with few troops and only two vehicles)!

To be continued...


Rackham Compulsive Buying

If you never saw a compulsive buying try this :

Rackham figures are great, already painted (not so bad for 80% of them) and, now, available for a very affordable price. So I'll play Warrior Heroes also in 28mm!


Reconnaissance Mission (Caer Fingaard's Saga #3)

Mag Afaynydd décide d'organiser une mission de reconnaissance pour repérer Ragdush. Il rassemble une petite force d'archers qu'il confie à Caer Fingaard (toujours diminué par sa blessure : Rep 3).

Mag Afaynydd decides to organize a reconnaissance mission to locate Ragdush. He gathers a small force of archers that he entrusts to Caer Fingaard (still crippled by his injury : Rep 3).

Objective : a reconnaissance mission to spot Ragdush.
To accomplish this Mission the group must get to the middle of the far table edge and remain there for three turns before returning and exiting from his table edge.

Le groupe avance sur la route et révèle le PEF 2 (main body : 50% more CV). Ils étaient en train de se reposer dans les ruines. Il y a un archer, trois chevaucheurs de loup, un ogre et un black moon gobelin.

The group moves forward on the road and reveals the PEF 2 (main body: 50% more CV). They were taking a rest in the ruins. There is an archer, three wolf riders, an ogre and a black moon goblin.

T1: K5G1
L’ogre et le black moon gob avancent en courant. L’archer gob vise Old Wered qui le tue d’une flèche bien ajustée.
Crisis test : les trois chevaucheurs de loup préfèrent se replier (rout)...

The ogre and the black moon gob run forward. The gob archer aims Old Wered and misses. Wered fires back and kills the gob.
Crisis Test: three wolf riders prefer to retreat (rout) ...

T2: K6G4
L’ogre le black moon gob passent le charge test = 1 réussite contre 2 pour les keltoïs (star Rep 3 - 1 terror). Les archers tirent sur l'ogre sans effet.

The ogre and the black moon gob take the charge test = 1 success and 2 for the keltoïs (star Rep 3 - 1 Terror). The archers shoot the ogre and miss.

T3: K4G4

T4: K6G2
L’ogre et le black moon gob passent encore le charge test = 2 réussites contre 2 pour nous (star 3 rep - 1 terror). Ils peuvent charger après un tir défensif. 0ld Wered vise le gob et le rate (le stress ?). Les autres visent l’ogre et seul Thardor touche et parvient à blesser (OOF) l'ogre qui rate son hardiness check.
Le black moon gob rate son crisis test et s’enfuit (rout) !

The ogre and the black moon gob take the charge test = 2 successes and 2 for the keltoïs (star Rep 3 - 1 Terror). They can charge after a defensive fire. Old Wered misses the gob and only one of the other archers (Thardor) hits the ogre and wounds him (OOF and hardiness check failed).
The black moon gob fails his crisis test and flees (rout)!

Fort de ce succès la petite troupe avance pour identifier le PEF 3. Encore un groupe de gobelins (main body : 50% more CV!) ! Ils ont été attirés par les cris. Migdush, le frère de Ragdush est avec eux (Big Bad, black moon goblin, REP 3, hardiness 3, AC 4). Il est accompagné de quatre archers, un gobelin et deux chevaucheurs de loups.

Caer's group advances to identify the PEF 3. Another group of goblins (main body: 50% more CV)! They were attracted by the screams. Migdush, Ragdush's brother, is with them (Big Bad Black Moon goblin, REP 3, hardiness 3, AC 4). He is accompanied by four archers, a goblin and two wolf riders.

T6: K5G3
Les archers gobelins font feu pour préparer la charge des loups. Sadric est OOF. Old Wered s’enfuit. Iboerd se retire et les autres restent en place !
Les loups attaquent. Le tir défensif est inefficace et c'est la mélée. Thardor recule sous le choc (-1d) et se fait tuer (OD). Le loup poursuit vers Iboerd qu’il met OOF. Le deuxième loup massacre Craad et attaque ensuite Caer qui est blessé (OOF) ! C'est un carnage.

Before the wolves' attack, the goblin archers fire. Sadric is OOF. Old Wered flees. Iboerd withdraws (retire). The others don't move.
Then wolves attack. Defensive fire is ineffective and it's melee. Thardor gives ground (-1d) and is killed (OD). The wolf rides through to Iboerd he puts OOF. The second wolf butchers Craad and rides through Caer who is injured (OOF)! It is a carnage.

Les gobelins fouillent les morts en emportent les blessés. Old Wered, le seul survivant, assiste impuissant à la scène.

The goblins loot the deads and take the wounded with them. Old Wered, the only survivor, is a powerless witness of the scene.

So, I'll try next an escape mission.