Old Crow's 15mm civilian vehicles

I like 15mm Old Crow Models' vehicles. I have already anti-grav tanks. I just finished painting (first minis of 2012!) ten civilian vehicles for my Bright Horizon campaign (if you want to read more about this campaign go to my 5150:SA page).
Here are the vehicles:


A shotgun and a bus (Two cops in Zombieland #3)

After saving Gloria (see Two cops in Zombieland #2), Isaac's wife, the four heroes (Isaac, Jaqen, Rick and Gloria) decided to look for weapons. What a better place to find them than the police station. So they took their police cruiser and headed toward the building.

They decided to stop before the police station to make as little noise as possible.
Careful guys!

Rick and Jaqen entered the building, meanwhile Gloria and Isaac were keeping guard.

The police station wasn't empty and our heroes met old colleagues and... (after a few dice rolls) ... friends (neutral).

Rick and Jaqen managed to find only one shotgun...  Suddenly, a car (with a fleeing family onboard) crossed the area, attracting a lot of zombies (a very nasty random event).
A very noisy car (in yellow)

It's impossible to get to our car! Fortunately Rick managed to start a bus (a new home...) and we fled with a shotgun and a bus...

As usual for this campaign you can read a full battle report (in french and with tons of pictures) on Christophe's blog.


Capture the Rebel! (Bright Horizon campaign)

The consortium Omni Consumer Pleasure (OCP) with the help of the Unicorn Unlimited mercenary regiment tries to strangle the Resistance on Bright Horizon (see the Bright Horizon campaign on my 5150: Star Army page). Before being destroyed a reconnaissance drone has spotted a Resistance leader in the Kwert Phan district. A patrol of mercenaries is sent to capture the leader.

THE MERCENARIES (Tyrell strike team)
- 3 Fireteams of four soldiers (REP4) with Assault Rifles, Grenades, Smoke Grenades, one SAW & one LAW each;
- a REP5 leader (Sgt Tyrell).

Starting on turn one, Resistance groups appear according to the rules for reinforcements (p.59, Investment Level = 5) as if a «7» was rolled each turn. They appear at the spots numbered 1-6 on the map (roll 1d6).
Freedom Fighters are REP3 with Assault Rifles.

1 x Squad with RPG + Leader (REP4)
1 x Squad with RPG
1 x Squad with RPG
1 x Leader (REP4)
1 x Squad + Leader (REP4)
1 x Squad
1 x Squad
1 x Squad
1 x Squad
1 x Leader (REP4)

We played this scenario with 5150: Star Army with my optional rules especially the In Sight Test modifiers and the Overwatch rule.

X = possible location of the target
The place looks quiet but the rebels are aware of the possible raid by Unicorn mercenaries. So they are gathering some troops...

The mercenaries are progressing cautiously and the rebels are advancing too.

The mercenaries are progressing from the East.

Rebels are gathering

The mercenaries are taking position on high ground and around the market place.

The target is found and arrested.

It's time to depart... 
Easy at first but the rebels are trying to surround the mercenaries despite some losses.

The mercenaries are hurrying behind smoke screens.

The rebels are more and more numerous and are pressing forward.

Only six mercenaries (out of 13, and with one OOF) managed to escape (with the target).

The rebels have lost their leader, ten OOF and seven OD.
The mercenaries left on the battlefield two dead and five OOF (prisoners). It's not good for the mercenaries' morale...

A very fun battle, easy at first for the mercenaries but with increasing difficulties... A "real" asymmetric engagement. My new In Sight Test modifiers were very useful to simulate rebels creeping behind walls and firing opportunity shots.

Maybe the rebels will try to exchange prisoners...