A shotgun and a bus (Two cops in Zombieland #3)

After saving Gloria (see Two cops in Zombieland #2), Isaac's wife, the four heroes (Isaac, Jaqen, Rick and Gloria) decided to look for weapons. What a better place to find them than the police station. So they took their police cruiser and headed toward the building.

They decided to stop before the police station to make as little noise as possible.
Careful guys!

Rick and Jaqen entered the building, meanwhile Gloria and Isaac were keeping guard.

The police station wasn't empty and our heroes met old colleagues and... (after a few dice rolls) ... friends (neutral).

Rick and Jaqen managed to find only one shotgun...  Suddenly, a car (with a fleeing family onboard) crossed the area, attracting a lot of zombies (a very nasty random event).
A very noisy car (in yellow)

It's impossible to get to our car! Fortunately Rick managed to start a bus (a new home...) and we fled with a shotgun and a bus...

As usual for this campaign you can read a full battle report (in french and with tons of pictures) on Christophe's blog.


  1. Fun! As soon as I complete my 5150 campaign I'm going to dig back into ATZ. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice miniatures, and setup for the conflict. I enjoy a smaller gaming area. The action begins very quickly and almost every character, or thing, gets involved almost immediately in the fracas. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed the report.

  3. Another fine entry!! Love the dilemma faced when the car was put out of reach. Gut check time.

  4. Superbe!!! Une magnifique campagne et des scénarios haletants ou les choix des joueurs sont importants et les actions des personnages ont des conséquences sur la suite des évènements.

    J'aurais adoré participer à ce genre de campagne.

    J'attends la suite avec impatience.


  5. I am playing this campaign too, but I don't know were could I get the cars.

    Can you help me?

    You can see the first encounter here:

    I bought the car in a specialized shop, and it looks like a bit undersize

    Any recommendation?