The Death of Boba Fett?

In this game of X-Wing, Lando and Chewie helped by rebel pilots are pursuing Boba Fett. Solo is inside Slave I, sealed in carbonite...

In the end, only one ship was left: the Falcon... But the Slave I was a decoy. Bobe Fett escaped.

François has made a wonderful battle report (in french) full of special effects: here.


A WHL campaign: Drakenfeld Tales (1)

For my first (of many I hope) campaign with Warrior Heroes Legend I decided to play with the help of a roleplaying game module: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale.


Inquisitor Drakenfeld has been ordered to help Sir Torlgrith to reopen an old commercial road in the northeastern province of Altengard (the Bloodsworn Vale).


Attacks against workers occurred about five miles from Fort Thorn (established in the heart of the valley ; it's the white spot on the map). Scouts reported that the men working on the bridge crossing the Petal River has been slain. Sir Torlgrith asks Drakenfeld to investigate...

So Drakenfeld and his men follow the road to the bridge...

The game was played with WHL in about one hour. The PEF were predeterminated (only one type of opponents: dryads). It was a slaughterhouse: more than 15 dryads have been killed or wounded. The first mission of Drakenfeld is a success.

The road to the bridge

Approaching the bridge 
First PEFs

The game is quick, fun and full of possibilities.

Increase in REP:
Osbourn +1
Rupert +1
Volkmar +1

Drakenfeld and his men are now following a wounded dryad to her lair...

To be continued.


Warrior Heroes Legend: Drakenfeld Tales

Gustav Drakenfeld is a young Brethren inquisitor who operates in the northeastern province of Altengard.

Rupert, Klaus, Drakenfeld, Osbourn, Volkmar

Name: Inquisitor Gustav Drakenfeld
Type : Inquisitor
Alignment : RS
REP : 4  / PEP : 4 / SAV : 3
QRS : Noble

Armes : 1HW
AC : 6
Bouclier : Y

In Sight :

Ranged Combat
RF :
RFDam :

ChargeM :
M :
MDam : 2 rolls

- Resilient (first OOF = stunned)
- Born Leader
- Swordsman

NameOsbournKlausRupertMaster Volkmar
Rep / Pep / Sav4 / 3 / 44 / 4 / 34 / 4 / 34 / 3 / 4
Ranged Combat

RF / RFDam



M / MDam


ResoluteResoluteQuick Reflexes

Brawler: +1d6 in Unarmed Melee
Quick Reflexes: +1d6 when taking an In Sight.
Resolute: +1d6 when rolling on the Charge into Melee Table.
Swordsman: When using a One Hand Melee Weapon can roll twice for Damage counting the best result.

Drunkard (or Druggie): Roll 1d6 at the start of every Encounter. If the score is higher than the figure's Rep or a "6" is rolled toss another 1d6 and consult the table below:
(1 - 2) Staggering: When move will subtract 1/2d6” from their normal move and will take the Fast Move Test with only 1d6.
(3 - 4) Dumbass: Behave as if Dim.
(5 - 6) Nerves of Steel: Perform as if has Nerves of Steel attribute. 


Monsters for Warrior Heroes Legend

Warrior Heroes Legend is the new fantasy game of THW. I intend to play it with my Rackham and Pathfinder figures.

(Warrior QRS)
REP 3 - AC 2 - 1HW- Size: M

Giant Spider 
(Warrior QRS)
REP 4 - AC 4 - 2HW - Size: G
Poison (pass 2=OK, pass 1=OOF, pass 0=OD)
Quick Reflexes
Hard as Nails

(Warrior QRS)
REP 3 - AC 2 - 1HW - Size: M-
Poison (pass 2=OK, pass 1=OK, pass 0=OOF)
Quick Reflexes