The Third World War in 2012 ?

2011 is near finished and it was a great gaming year (see all the game played in 2011). I just bought World at War: Eisenbach Gap by Lock'n Load Publishing and it's a real pleasure to fight against enemies we love to hate: the Soviets! So I ordered Death of the 1st Panzer (with West German troops), Blood and Bridge (with the Brits) and the World at War Compendium...
I managed to play eight games (including four with my brother-in-law) in the last four days. A brilliant end for 2011!


My participation in Tomorrow's War STRIKE FORCE Contest!

Here is my participation in Tomorrow's War STRIKE FORCE Contest!

The following troops were played with Tomorrow's War (see here) and 5150: Star Army (see here), two great games!

The first five pictures are for the contest, the others, for the pleasure...

Drop Zone Aegis (DZA), a mercenary corporation, is well known for its airmobile troops (lightning regiments).  The basic framework for deployable airmobile units is the Airmobile Space-Ground Task Force (ASGTF), a flexible structure that can vary in size. A ASGTF is composed of four elements: the command element (CE), the ground combat element (GCE), the space combat element (SCE) and the dropship combat element (DCE)

Below is the Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE) of the first company ground combat element (GCE) of the 7th Regiment (this regiment is better known as the Helljumpers) :

1 x Assault infantry platoon with 3 squads of two fireteams
1 x Heavy weapons platoon with 8 heavy weapon teams (2 Gauss cannons, 2 ATGM, 4 MMG)
1 x Exo armor platoon of 6 exo armors
1 x Medium walker platoon of five walkers: three old models (Fulcrum) and two new ones (Destrier)
1 x Light walker platoon of four walkers (Hammer)
1 x Mortar platoon (Armadillo self-propelled mortar)
1 x Company command group (of four) with a sniper team

1) 1st company/7th regiment
2) Assault infantry platoon and Exo armors platoon
3) Assault infantry platoon
4) Front: Heavy weapons platoon
5) Walkers: Hammer (center), Destrier (right), Fulcrum (left)
An armored patrol...
Armadillo mortars ready to fire
Exo armor platoon
A sniper team
Fulcrum walker advancing 
Assault troopers

Troopers and Exo armors by Ground Zero Games,
Snipers by Rebel Minis,
Fulcrum armors by Rackham (AT43),
Destrier armor and Armadillo mortars by Dream Pod 9,
Hammer armor by Dark Realm Miniatures.


Things are getting ugly (Two cops in Zombieland #2)

The next installment of our ATZ campaign was played a few time ago. We were four (Christophe who is managing the campaign, Antoine, Eric and me). I played Jaqen Gilgenprantz (REP4), Antoine, Isaac Clifford (REP4) and Eric, a new recruit, Rick Planters (REP4, Born Leader). Previously we tried to protect a quarantined area.

This time, in the first scenario of the night, we had to disperse a rioting mob (Riot, Haven p. 11).

With tear gas followed by a charge it was a piece of cake:

The complete after action report with many more pictures is on Christophe's blog.
This scenario is very chaotic (we loved that) and handling the mob isn't always as easy, but we were lucky except Jaqen who was wounded.

The second scenario of the night was situated at Outbreak+11. Now riots are breaking all around the town and The National Guard was called. As Police is no longer able to perform its duty, our three heroes decided to go by themselves. Their first mission was to seek Isaac's wife, Gloria.

Driving to Isaac's building is noisy, so Z are coming...

Since this scenario was improvised, Christophe used the random events table from the Protection scenario (Haven, p.17). Thugs in a van crossed our path and fired at us (without effect). The gunfight attracted more Z. But we managed to catch Gloria and flee.

Gloria at last!

The complete after action report of this second scenario with many more pictures is on Christophe's blog.

Our team has a few weapons, a police cruiser (with 3 units of Fuel), one unit of Food and nothing more...

Here is the team:

The buildings are from DPM, the roads from WorldWork Games and the minis by Rebel Minis.


Borg Invasion

I played my second game of Star Trek: Fleet Captains with the Borg solo rules from BoardgameGeek.

I chose a small game board with a 8 VP objective. I drew two ship cards: USS Yeager & USS Prometheus.

The Borg are powerful but I managed to succeed because of luck (the Borg rolled a "one" for movement three consecutive rounds meaning no movement at all) and gainful encounters...

A very cool game...


Two cops in Zombieland

We started an ATZ campaign featuring cops (Haven supplement, p. 5). Our two heroes are Jaqen Gilgenkrantz (REP4 - Brawler, Athlete, Flirty) and Isaac A. Clifford (REP4 - Stone Cold, Transporter, Child of Heart). These two cops are presented (in french) on Christophe's blog (since it's his campaign): here.
We played two scenarios. 

# In the first one, Isaac and Jaqen met their first zombies after having been called for an ambulance accident.

The complete battle report (in french) is on Christophe's blog: here.

# The second scenario we played is from the Haven supplement: Quarantine.
"You and your fellow police officer are assigned to patrol the edge of an area that has been quarantined by County Health officials"(p.7).

We managed to guard the area but Jaqen fled like a coward... (in a few days all this will be forgotten).

The complete battle report (in french) is on Christophe's blog: here.

It's our third ATZ campaign. You can have a look to the previous ones:
Haitian Tales (an haitian gang meets zombies)
Josh Randall (a bounty hunter becomes hunted)



I finished four police cruisers for 5150: New Beginnings. As I play a campaign with a cop as main character I needed police vehicle. The basic idea was the Blade Runner police cruiser.

I found Clu's Command Ship in Tron a very good proxy.

These cruisers are massive and can be found with two options: the first for two officers and two cells and the second for a team of four (SWAT team for example).

May I introduce now my SWAT team (from Ground Zero Games)

Well I'm running, police on my back
I've been hiding, police on my back
There was a shooting, police on my back
And the victim well he wont come back...