Pulp Adventurers in Lemuria

Here are adventurers who want to explore the mysterious continent of Lemuria:

They will see action soon...
All the minis are from Copplestone Castings.


Dino Safari with Adventures in the Lost Lands

The famous adventurer, Frank Mulligan, has discovered by chance a forgotten valley populated by dinosaurs in the mysterious continent of Lemuria. Back in the United States, Mulligan has organized a dino safari for wealthy hunters... After having landed near Mission St Mary they headed to the valley...
I played this game with Adventures in the Lost Lands (AitLL). It's THE HUNT scenario (AitLL, p. 49).

Franck Mulligan
Mulligan, Mercier, Ferguson, York, Nolan, Haas, FitzPatrick

Since the Encounter Rating is 3 (AitLL, p. 42), three Possible Enemy Forces (PEF) are generated.

The hunters advance cautiously toward the PEFs.

Sir Edward Nolan (on the left on the picture above) has a line of sight with PEF1: it's a size 4 ferocious dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus (REP4, Melee8, Move16)!

The Dilophosaurus sees Nolan and fast moves to him. Doing this, it crosses the hunters' line of sight...

It took six shots (with both active and reaction fires) to kill it! The kill is for William Ferguson (second from the left).

The hunters advance toward the other PEFs with Sir Edward Nolan on the left side (bottom of the picture below).

Sir Edward Nolan, again, discovered a dinosaur: a size 6 feeder, a Triceratops!

Wanting also a kill, Nolan fires! The beast is enraged and charges!

Despite 3 hits, the 10 tons monster advances fast...

... and crushes Nolan like a nuts.

The hunters gave the chase but the triceratops fled these noisy little things.

After having buried Sir Edward Nolan, the hunters got back to Mission St Mary to rest and drink whisky in memory of their lost friend.



I needed dinosaurs for my Lost World Adventures. During holidays I saw real size dinosaurs at the Musée-Parc des Dinosaures de Mèze (France). Being in front of a T-Rex is rather impressive! It's interesting to visualize the dinosaurs' color.

To play with 28mm miniatures I chose dinosaurs from Papo.

And here is my last jungle element: