Gunship: First Strike!

A while ago I received Gunship: First Strike! by Escape Pod Games. Steve Wood launched his game with a Kickstarter funding. I'm a very happy backer. First, the game's components look great (see the pictures below). Second, the game is VERY fun (I played it twice with my brother-in-law and we enjoyed the experience). Above all, Steve could be rated A+ for his customer relationship management.


Gaming at the club: at last!

When I have time to go to the club I know that I'll have a great afternoon. It was the case last week. We played a game of Epic Armageddon (I have played this game only twice in 7 years!).

A second game of Epic was played near.

And there was a big WH40K game also.


Magician's House

Here is an great model by Ziterdes, the Magician's House. It was only undercoated so I had a little work, but I'm pleased by the result.



In the Real World I'm currently working on gamification and I found this:

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.


Problems... (Flint & Fur #3)

Third installment of my Adventures in the Lost Lands campaign.
Touga decided to go hunting with his warriors (two REP 4 and Rahan, a REP 4 Star).
PEF are detected...

Tounga is approaching cautiously...

They are Neanderthal raiders!

Touga has to stop them since they are heading toward the village...

The fight is brutal. Four Neanderthal are slain as two of Touga's warriors...

In the end, Touga and Rahan are put out of the fight and taken prisoners... Only 4 Neanderthal (out of 8) survived the encounter.

Cro Magnon: Copplestone Castings
Neanderthal: Pulp Figures