BattleLore Month

Small review of our holiday (as they are near finished): 2 games of Wings of War Miniatures and 14 (!) of BattleLore with my brother in law and my nephews. A taste of Paradise ...

(We did not spend our time to play but as this blog only talks about games ...)


Brethren for Warrior Heroes

A quick update of my blog to show the figures I intend to play as Warrior Heroes Brethren: Rackham Praetorians.


Zuzzy Mats

I recently painted two Zuzzy Mats:
- a 3'x3' Ruined Land
- and a 2'x2' Sulfur Field.




GAME AIDS for 5150:SA

I posted on the 5150:SA page some game aids:
- Random Events Cards,
- a more detailed Penetration Table,
- a measuring device for 15mm games,
- and a lot of counters (grenade, smoke grenade, RPG, missile, prone status, OOF status, stun status, fast moving status, smoke, etc.).

If you want, you can have a look at the 5150 page for AAR and figure pictures.

Hope you'll enjoy.