Song of Blades and Heroes: Prehistoric War

I recently discovered SoBH. I'm a Two Hour Wargames fan but SoBH is a very cool game too. So I prepared two quick games to play with my buddies: Seb & François.

Game 1. Two clans are fighting for food...

Spear clan (right) against Axe & Club clan (left).

and the winner is… Spear clan.

Game 2. Fighting for women

The Red Hand Clan is looking for women. Tounga and his tribe (Stone Moon Clan) have to fight their way to liberty. The Red Hand warriors aren't ready to let the women get away…

The Stone Moon clan is at the right edge.

The women are safe for the moment.


Warriors of the Red Hand clan are approaching.


 The women are attempting to flee.

Only one woman (out of three) managed to flee… Most of Stone Moon clan warriors are dead or wounded.


Figures by Copplestone Casting. I played with them my Flint and Furs games: here
A review about huts: here

If you want a complete battle report in french go here.