Fight in the Sea Mountains (Annürien Marches Campaign)

After uniting the orc tribes, Grishak launched, in spring 383, an attack against an old enemy: the dwarves of the Sea Mountains.

I rolled for the map (RRtK, p. 27), then for the deployment of the orc army: penetrate center (RRtK, p.53).

The orc army is very strong and supported by two powerful magic users (including Zorren, seen previously) and Grishak can count on the Scepter of the Dead Wizard (Pipes of the Dead, RRtK, p.62).

Orc Shamans :
One level 2 (Zorren) and one level 3 (for two Recruiting Rolls)
total casting group level: 5
range: 24+2=26’’
magic points: 40+20=60
area of effect: 5 units
I play the magic users with the following rule: NPC spell cast p.48.

The dwarves have mustered their professional soldiers (Hirrdwarves), some crossbowmen, a few militia (bondi) and two units of the mighty Anvil Guards. Even Bear Riders have answered the call to arms.



Since Grishak is very devious, he decided not to move his troops and started invocating undead.

So the dwarves need to quickly engage the fight. The infantry advances in the center with Bear Riders on the right flank.

The bear riders on the right flank charge but are repulsed.

The crossbowmen get closer and exchange fire with orc archers.

Then the orcs charge (even the magic users bodyguards!)...

The rangers and crossbowmen resist...

... And orc losses are heavy.

Moreover two units of Anvil Guards are approaching.

In the center the fight is bloody...

The crossbowmen are wiped out, but the orcs lost the magic users (who were not vey useful)!

Dwarf reinforcements are coming.

Dwarf flanks are secure, the two units of wolf riders have been destroyed.

In the center the dwarves stand their ground and, little by little, destroy the orcs.

Only one orc unit is still in the fight!

The orc flanks are threatened.

So Grishak decides to retreat...
During the pursuit the orcs lost two units. Grishak is weakened especially since he has lost his magic users. The Sea Mountain mines are safe (but for how much time ?).

Note: why the magic users were so ineffective ?
The NPC magic rules work very well but I rolled two times Boxcars on the NPC Spell Cast table (p.48) and two other spells were ineffective. Then the casters bodyguards charged (frenzy unit under arrow fire)!!!!


SPRING 383 - Annürien Marches

In winter 382 I rolled for Magical Items & Artifacts (RRtK, p.61 sq.).

In spring 383 I recruit armies for the nations in play (all except Dark and Wood Elves and Undead since I haven’t painted them yet). 

I also check for Magic Users (RRtK, p.45). 

Magic Users 
Orcs: one level 2 and one level 3!
Goblins: one level 1 and one level 2
Mirholme: one level 1
Demeskeen: one level 1
Iron Dwarves: one level 1

To simplify the game I choose not to check for Mercenaries (RRtK, p.64) or Heroes (p.50). 
Then, I determine if Nations that are not currently at war are Going to War (RRtK, p.57).

The orcs attack the Sea Dwarves!