SPRING 383 - Annürien Marches

In winter 382 I rolled for Magical Items & Artifacts (RRtK, p.61 sq.).

In spring 383 I recruit armies for the nations in play (all except Dark and Wood Elves and Undead since I haven’t painted them yet). 

I also check for Magic Users (RRtK, p.45). 

Magic Users 
Orcs: one level 2 and one level 3!
Goblins: one level 1 and one level 2
Mirholme: one level 1
Demeskeen: one level 1
Iron Dwarves: one level 1

To simplify the game I choose not to check for Mercenaries (RRtK, p.64) or Heroes (p.50). 
Then, I determine if Nations that are not currently at war are Going to War (RRtK, p.57).

The orcs attack the Sea Dwarves!

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