Orc Civil War (2) - Summer 382 (RRtK)

YEAR 382, Summer, orc territory
During the first strike of the orc civil war, Barad was slain in a surprise attack. After that, Grishak went quickly to Black Fang territory to challenge Shagga, the Black Fang's leader.

Shagga's troops are coming from the north.
Shagga and his heaviest troops.
Grishak is trying to reach the top of the eastern hill.
Maneuvering with undisciplined troops isn't easy...

Before the clash
Grishak's wolf riders are boldly charging...
A fierce fight!
More Grishak's troops are joining the fight.
Shagga's tribe is defeated!

The orc tribes are now UNITED under Grishak's iron fist.


Orc Civil War (1) - Spring 382 (RRtK)

YEAR 382, Spring, orc territory
After Gorbargh's Death the orc tribes are fragmented and must fight to be united again (RRtK, p.55). So the three bigger orc tribes fight each other to find a new leader with the following Leaders and units:

Grishak is the more cunning (I rolled a 6 for his War Rating...) so I decided to give him a magic item found in the Land of the Deads, the infamous Pipes of the Deads (summon skeletal units in battle but cost one Recruiting Roll).

In the first move of the War, Grishak's tribe launch a lighting attack against the Death's Claw.

Barad is on the northern hill. Grishak starts from the south.
Orc leader Barad (behind the skirmishers)
Grishak with his cavalry and supported by undeads
The two lines advancing
Before the clash...
Thanks to the Pipes of the Deads, Grishak summoned two skeletal units to protect his wolf riders. The fight was furious and Barad was slain.

Thanks to the undeads, Barad's troops are routed.
The end is near...

After this masterstroke, the Death's Claw tribe joined the Grinning skulls... Grishak's tribe gains one Recruiting Roll (Wolf Riders!).


The Ironmen's Strike - Spring 382 (RRtK)

Starting of the campaign in the Annürien Marches...

YEAR 382, Spring, Border Kingdoms (Drenlock Duchy / province "D")
Mirholme's roll is a Go to War result (RRtK, p.58). The only province reachable is the "D" (the other sea provinces aren't available since the armies aren't painted!).

The life was peaceful in the Drenlock duchy... until the Ironmen of Mirholme decided that their frozen isles weren't enough. They landed by surprise under the command of Jarl Gunnar Olafssen. Duke Bohemond (WR=3) mustered quickly some troops to repulse the looters...

Duke Bohemond  settled in a strong position on the southern hill, waiting for the Ironmen coming from the north.
Order of battle
Ironmen from Mirholme

Duke Bohemond sent his skirmishers to attract the enemy and break his line.
Death dealer are charging...
The Ironmen clashed piecemeal against shield walls.
Duke Bohemond attacks on the left flank and routs his enemies.
Fightings are fierce and in favor of the border Kingdoms.
The Borderers are suffering heavy losses!
Under the Ironmen's pressure the first line of Borderers collapsed, followed by the retinue infantry on the right flank!
Only one line of Borderers remains...
The Borderers are quickly surrounded. Duke Bohemond tried several times to charge Gunnar Olafssen but was repulsed each time and killed!

Another charge repulsed!
Thus Mirholme got a foothold in the Border Kingdoms forcing them to sign a peace for one year (difference in National Morale, RRtK p.60). Mirholme became the hated enemy of the Border Kingdoms.

The next post will be about the orc civil war...


Gorbagh's Death - summer 381 (RRtK)

Historians often say that the chaos era in the Annürien Marches started with the death of the orc leader, Gorbagh...

During the summer 381, the orc war leader  Gorbagh decided to strike the Border Kingdoms through goblin territory. Duke Bohemond, hastily, mustered his troops.

Note on scale
- ground: 1 inch equaling to 50 yards.
- one stand of figures equaling 200 to 500 combatants (so for example: 50 for giants or trolls, 100 for skirmishers, 200 to 300 for a stand of three mounted figures, 300 to 400 for a stand of three foot soldiers, 300 to 400 for a stand of four mounted figures and 500 for a stand of four foot soldiers).

So the orcs invaded the Border Kingdoms with an army of more than 6000 foots and 800 wolf riders. Duke Bohemond could count on his 600 knights and 5500 soldiers.

The battle lines

Orcs are advancing...
... meanwhile the orc left flank is deploying.
Because of skirmishers' shooting the orcs (with Gorbagh in the front) charge!
The skirmishers quickly retire and the orcs clash against the Borderers.
A fierce fight!
Gorbagh is killed with his troops!
But the orc press on their attack. 
Losses are heavy for all but the orcs are outnumbered and retire.
The Kingdom is safe for the moment...


Six games of Star Trek: Fleet Captains

It's my sixth game of Star Trek: Fleet Captains : two with Jérôme, two in solo with the Borg rules on Boardgamegeek, one with four players, Seb, Eric & JB and the last one with Fabrice. I love this game which captures the spirit of Star Trek.

Space, the Final Frontier...