For those who can't wait for Warrior Heroes Book 2 (The Adventurers Handbook) here are some Skills & Attributes to use with Warrior Heroes: Armies & Adventures.
They follow the rules explained pp. 9-11 of the rulebook. They are mainly adapted from other TwoHourWargames’ games.

I propose the following (very simple) rules :
- Each NPC rolls once. Each PC chooses one skill or one attribute and roll for one attribute.
- For the CV’s formula each positive skill/attribute confers +1 point and each negative -1 (never below 1).
- Advancing Skills as per the rule p.16. Each new skill starts with a level equals to REP-2.

Any comments are welcome.


  1. Good idea!
    Do you know this?: http://f1.grp.yahoofs.com/v1/AJ6qTcVVphL7uq9oIsdEnJiVwzUMiA9ncduMtS2i8Uv9sIbSTRwRRXhto6YWdfoYXeZU7jDMh1MzS8WCX8ml7c_0hO2AWh8/UNOFFICIAL%20Fan%20THW%20Rules%20%20/Warrior%20Heroes%20Armies%20and%20Adventurers/Warrior%20Heroes%20A%26A%20Updates%20AKA%20WHHA/WHAA%20Skills.pdf
    Also, it would be nice to create some skills/attribute to further define fantasy races, like Dwarves being stubborn (+1d6 in crisis test), or Wood Elves being foresters (unaffected by difficult terrain), etc.

  2. Thanks blacksmith. I can't open the link but I think it's the file by Patrick Smyrl. Creating skill for fantasy races is a very good idea. I wait for your proposals :-)