I plan to play a Warrior Heroes: Armies and Adventures Campaign with Caer Fingaard, a Keltoï (Riata ; for the background see Rally Round The King) mercenary.

Caer Firgaard
Riata Warrior
REP : 4 Hardiness : 1 Social Standing : 0
Weapon : Lance
Armor : no (AC 2)
Movement : 8/16
Class : Melee Troop
Characteristics :
Elite trained

Firgaard is part of an hundred strong Keltoï (Riata) mercenary company working for the Escalath Duchy (Border Kingdoms) in war with the goblins.

Il fait partie d’une compagnie d’une centaine de mercenaires gaëls à la solde du Duché d’Escalath (Border Kingdoms) en guerre contre les gobelins.

He’s on duty on the border.

Il est en poste à la frontière.

In the Gael’s culture honour takes the first part. Ways of fighting depend upon weapons and are linked to honour. So a REP 3 warrior fights with a bow, a REP 4 with a spear (Gaesatae) and a REP 5 with a sword (Gaël).

When a young warrior becomes REP 4 he earns the frenzy characteristic.

After that, the first characteristic earned is hardiness (as per the rules).

Other characteristics are earned at a level of REP-2.

Le groupe (fianna) de 10 guerriers auquel Caer appartient possède les caractéristiques suivantes :

The 10 strong warriors group (fianna) has these characteristics:

Figures : Corvus Belli

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