Escape (Caer Fingaard's Saga #4 and END)

Après sa capture Caer est conduit avec les autres prisonniers dans un camp de gobelins. Il constate rapidement qu'ils n'ont pas été capturés pour être interrogés mais mangés ! Après avoir récupéré de ses blessures (il est REP 4 maintenant) Caer tente de s'enfuir par une nuit noire.

After his capture Caer is conducted with the other prisoners in a goblin camp. He quickly noted that they were not captured for questioning, but being eaten! After recovering from his injuries (he is now REP 4) Caer tries to escape during a dark night.

Escape mission: WHAA p.56
Star is alone (dice=3 p.56)
The prisoner has access to mount (dice=1) at (dice=1+6) 7’’ from the point of confinement (from a borderer cavalryman taken prisoner).
Escape takes place after dark (dice=3) ; LOS is reduced to 12’’.

TURN = 1 ROLL = 1 => ALARM!!

A ce point je décide de procéder à quelques tirages de dés en avance avant d'installer le champ de bataille.

At this point I decide to make some runs ahead of the dice before I install the battlefield.

Combat Value of captors = 1+5=6 => force are equal (cv = 4)
11: Gobelin (coming from the escape table edge)
7: Gobelin (12’’ behind Caer)
12: Ogre (12’’ behind Caer)

Caer est donc à 12’’de l’ogre et du gobelin. Devant lui, à 7’’ il y a le cheval et la liberté...

Caer is 12'' far from the ogre and goblin. Before him at 7'' there is an horse and freedom ...

ACTIVATION ROLL 1: Gob = 4 / Caer = 3

L’ogre et le gobelin tentent de rattraper Caer en courant.
Charge Test pour l'ogre : pass 2d6 ; Caer ne peut s'enfuir.
Fast Move Test :
- 2 réussites pour l’ogre (il avance de 12’’ et parvient au contact) ;
- 1 pour le gob (il avance de 9’’) ;

The ogre and goblin are trying to catch up Caer running.
Charge Test : pass 2d6 ; Caer can't escape the fight.
Fast Move Test:
- Two successes for the ogre (he moves 12''and comes into contact);
- 1 for the gob (he moves 9'');

Ogre : 5d6+1d6 (larger base) = pass 2d6
Caer : 4d6-1d6 (terror) = pass 0

Caer est blessé (OOF). L'ogre le découpe pour le petit déjeuner... C'EST LA TRISTE FIN DE LA SAGA DE CAER FINGAARD.
Il sera vengé.

Caer is wounded (OOF). The ogre cuts him into pieces for breakfast ... THIS IS THE SAD END OF FINGAARD'S SAGA.
He will be avenged.

No need to set up the battlefield with Caer bad luck with dices. I hope he will find his way to Tir na n'Og (the Otherworld in Irish legend). Thanks to Caer I have now about thirty Celt figures painted.


  1. You know, the land of the Orcs is a very tough place to start a campaign with those Ogres and Trolls around. Next time start somewhere else like Altengard for example, and when your character has got enought Rep and Hardiness, then put him to fight greenskins.
    Thanks for the reports. Long live WHAA.

  2. Thanks for the advice Blacksmith. But as the Poet says "à vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire" (P. Corneille, Le Cid).

  3. A shame, I liked Caer the Luckless' adventures. Thanks for sharing his tale with us.

    "They expose themselves to every peril; they give up their bodies to the adventures of life in death".
    -Don Pero Nino, Unconquered Knight