The Demeskeen's Invasion - Summer 382 (RRtK)

YEAR 382, Summer

The Demeskeen roll to Go to War (RRtK, p.58) in summer 382. They attack the only reachable territory: the Border Kingdoms. The Kingdoms are an easy prey since their defeat against the Ironmen last season. Since Duke Bohemond's Death, the Border Kingdoms' armies (3000 Borderers, 1500 heavy troops and only 300 knights) are now led by Lord Daven.
Demeskeen armies are highly maneuverable and led by a strategic genius, the Prince El Osman (WR=4) who can count on 4000 horsemen and more than 1500 foot soldiers (question of scale are discussed here).

Battle lines

The Demeskeen are advancing.

The infantry is ready...
Lord Davan's troop are encircled...

... and under fire.

The tribesmen charge!
Lord Davan repulses one unit.
The tribesmen are repulsed and suffer heavy losses.

Lord Davan's knights
Skirmishers are harassing the Borderes on the hill.
A second wave of riders (Ghulams and Black Guard) advance.
Lord Davan charges them.
One Ghulams unit routs Borderers.

Prince El Osman attacks Lord Davan who is exhausted by the fights.
The Demeskeen rout Lord Davan's army, taking him prisoner. During the pursuit (RRTK, p.43) three units of Borderers are destroyed! A peace is signed between the two realms (for 2 years /NM2-NM0=2 years). The Demeskeen are Border Kingdoms' hated enemy.


  1. Although the outcome was seldom in doubt it was still an interesting exercise. We mourn the loss of the Border Kingdoms : )

  2. les Border Kingdoms avaient peu de chance de victoire au vu des forces en présence et du terrain qui ne leur était pas très favorable...

  3. Great battle report. I especially liked the casualty markers.

  4. Very cool. I wonder how it would have ended if Lord Daven had some missile troops?

  5. I'm thinking about buying a Suzy matt. As they are made of rubber I'm wondering if the based figures slide easily over it. Can you tell me?

  6. Figures don't slide easily over this mat.

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