Demeskeen vs Ironmen - Fall 382 (RRtK)

After his crushing victory against the Border Kingdoms, Prince El Osman forces them to sign a peace (for two years). In fall 382 the Demeskeen are again at War (RRtK, p.58). The only reachable opponent, not at peace, is Mirholme's foothold in the Border Kingdoms. Prince Osman sends his skirmishers to scout. They report a rough terrain. Maybe overconfident, the Prince decided to attack.

Note on terrains in the Annürien Marches
I roll for terrains as per the rule p.28. with the existing modifiers AND new ones. if the terrain is:
- clear (ex. province B of the Border Kingdoms): -1 modifier ;
- hilly (ex. province D of the Border Kingdoms or South Demeskeen): no modifier ;
- rough (ex. province with mountains or woods): +1 modifier

With no room to maneuver his cavalry, Prince Osman deploys his troops in a small space.

Gunnar Olafssen on his hill...
The light cavalry harasses the Ironmen.
The Ironmen leave their hill...
Gunnar decides to attack the archers in the rough terrain.
The archers are defeated...

The cavalry is disorganized.
Prince El Osman decides to call back his troops...
The Ironmen keep their foothold in the Annürien Marches for the moment.
The Demeskeen should come back since they are in peace with the Border Kingdoms and the Ironmen province is the only one where the Demeskeen can expand their empire...


  1. Hmm, interesting. What happened in game terms to the Demeskeen cavalry? They seemed to be completely ineffectual throughout the battle. I also like your idea on terrain modifiers based on the strategic map.

  2. Cavalry can't enter rough terrain and are the most effective when they attack on flank or rear (but to do this we need to be able to maneuver...). I should have dismounted my troops...

  3. Perhaps the Prince should have refused battle and hoped for better terrain.

  4. I didn't mentioned that the Prince had refused a previous battle... so he had to fight.

  5. A very messy affair to be sure : )

    Well done Gunnar Olafssen!