LUCENTUM #4: This is the End...

After fierce fighting, the KRA'VAK were down to an unexplored area of the planet. They are, curiously, trying to drill mines. They actually seek to discover ancient artifacts: the Titans (Golgoth in Kra'Vak language). It's the last assault. The HELLJUMPERS have mustered their walkers.

The KRA'VAK have two squads of line troopers (Hishen QRS) and one squad of Garn (Grath QRS). They are supported by two Titans, one of them is offline for 1d3+1 turns.

The HELLJUMPERS have two squads of line troopers (Star Army QRS), four Hammer Light Battle Armors and Two Destrier Medium Battle Armor. One Fulcrum Medium Battle Armor will arrive as reinforcement later.

I plan to make available for download all the troop cards (Helljumpers & Kra'Vak).

The Helljumpers can call a Bombing Run (Taken versus Leader's REP in LOS):

Roll on the Bombing Run table (p. 62) with 2d6.
Roll on the Bombing Run table (p. 62) with 1d6.
No Response. Try next turn.

Since the Helljumpers are fighting Gigantic opponents I made changes in the Penetration Table in order to take into account the size of the vehicle. You can download the new Table on my 5150:SA page.

We fought the battle on a 180x120cm table with 12 sections.

I have confidence in the power of my titans. So I don't wait for the second to be ready and I move Titan 1 forward.
Titan 2 is offline. 

A bad idea, because he was hit by a Destrier's lucky shot.
The Titan is immobilized!
Helljumpers are advancing and the second Titan is quickly fully functionnal.
Advance on sector 9

Advance of Titan 2

The Destriers try to fire again...
Titan 2' s weapons are now in range. A Destrier is obliterated. 

But the high mobility of the Helljumpers' walkers allows them to attack on the side.

The Titan is hit twice. Its weapons are destroyed.
The Fulcrum gives the "coup de grâce".
The Kra'Vak are fleeing.

The Helljumpers act as a free company but are in fact a cover regiment for Star Army Black Ops. So, after the battle, Star Army heavy freighters landed to recover all the hidden weapons.

- Helljumper: GZG
- Kra'Vak: GZG
- Garn: Khurasan Miniatures
- Titan: Rackham (AT43)


  1. It'll be interesting to see how you statted out the Garn. I've got one for New Beginnings, but it's a bit different (and also uses the Grath QRS).

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