Helljumpers Exo Armor

Elite Helljumpers troops wear powerful Exo armor.
As usual, I made a 5150: Star Army sheet for these troops. The minis are from Ground Zero Games.


  1. Very cool! I'm going to use artcrime productions mercs for my exo armors.. Just waiting for them to become available!

  2. Been following you Helljumper painting adventures for some time now and really like your creative ideas and results. Particularly how all this mixing and blending of miniatures, supplied by the various producers, comes together. Keep them coming. Would be interested if you have plans for vehicles and which one you end up using.

  3. @ Spacejacker: Thanks. I look forward to see your exo armors.

    @ Dassenkop: Thanks for following the Helljumper painting adventures. Since the Helljumpers are a light regiment they don't have AFV except walkers. I plan to paint an heavy one but not too soon.