Objective ICE (5150:SA Battle Report)

We played (of course with 5150: Star Army) the scenario Objective Ice of the Bright Horizon Campaign.
In this scenario a convoy of Unicorn artillery is moving along a secondary road. The Helljumpers have asked the local resistance to coordinate an ambush. The objectives are simple.
Unicorn Unlimited troops must leave the map by the south road. The Helljumpers must destroy the artillery.

TROOPS for detail see the Troop Cards)
Lieutenant Koppers’ HotDrop Squad :
1x Squad Leader with Laser Rifle (REP 5)
1x Medic
2x ATGM Team with 2 crew
1x Sniper Team
3x HotDrop Fireteam
Each Fireteam has one LAW.

Unicorn Unlimited
3x Artillery Vehicle (mvt 8’’/16’’; armor = Wolf ; no weapons)
3x Exo Armor
4x Unicorn Scout Vehicle (Wolf)
3x Unicorn Maneuver Teams
1x Unicorn Command Team (like Maneuver Team but the squad leader is a lieutenant).
Once per game the Command Team can call a Bombing Run (instead of moving).


View from the North
View from the West

View from the East


With intel from the resistance, the ambushers (Helljumpers) were ready.

The ambushers' firepower was so heavy that the Unicorn quickly lost their scout vehicles and were pinned.

The Unicorn were able to fire back with small effects.

But the end is near because artillery vehicles were hit and an unexpected reinforcement arrived: an artillery strike from resistance command post.


The Unicorn were routed.

The Unicorn Troops managed to save only one artillery vehicle and were unable to leave by the south road. They left four dead, four deserters and twelve wounded (they were captured) for only two dead and four wounded for the Helljumpers.

We were able to test a few optional rules in this game. I'll post them soon. We played with more troops than in the scenario. One more rocket launcher and a sniper team for the Helljumpers and three Exo armor for the Unicorn. I think that, for the balance of the game, we can keep the opposing forces, but with one less rocket launcher for the Helljumpers.