Helljumpers' Support Weapons

Like all assault troops, the Helljumpers can rely upon a lot of support weapons. 5150: Star Army describe many of this kind of weapons.
For the Helljumpers (Star Army list) the most common are the Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) and the Grenade Laucher. Assault troops have also access to Flamer.

SAW & Grenade Launcher 

Flamer & Grenade Launcher

To fight AFV they can rely upon their Rocket Launcher and Gauss Cannon.
Rocket Launcher

Gauss Cannon

For eliminating high value target, they have their Sniper Team.
Sniper Team

Figures by Ground Zero Games (USNC) except the sniper team by Rebel Minis.


  1. These are all realy cool. I'm gearing up to oaint some ACP figures as ISS/rangers for my Star Army.

  2. Thanks Spacejacker. I'm going to post some optional rules for these weapons.

  3. Excellent work - very, very impressive!