The Amulet of Sorbrowane Campaign (Prologue 3)

While a group of wolfen renegades was stealing the Amulet of Sorbrowane (see Prologue 1 & 2), a pack was sent to kill the wolfen Priest, Igrimmur.
Foreseeing this, Igrimmur and his bodyguards set a defensive perimeter in the ruins of an old church.

It's an "Alamo" scenario with the following wolfen characters :
- Igrimmur (cv 5) + 3 Bloodthirsty Predators (3 x 8) = cv 29
- 2 Great Fangs (2 x 7) + 7 Fangs (7 x 4) = cv 42

I thought it'll be a bloodbath. It was indeed but not for Igrimmur... WHAA is a very tactical game. Since I forgot this and sent my wolfen renegades not in a full scale attack but by small groups I was defeated. Moreover, Igrimmur managed to cast Paralyze in Place and Summon Sylvan Animae to slow my wolfens.

Three Fangs and two Great Fangs were killed or put OOF ; four managed to flee. All for the cost of only one Sylvan Animae...

So Igrimmur is able to send a bird to Kallienne, the capital of the duchy of Alahan, to ask for help...