Heavy Battle Armor for Xmas !

I wanted four battle armors for Xmas. Here they are :

Fire support battle armor :

=> Tomorrow’s War Heavy Battle Armor

Class : Light Type : Walker (Tactical Speed : 6’’ ; No Rapid Speed)
Basic TL : 2 Weapon TL : 2
Armor TL : 3 Sensor TL : 2
Front Armor : 2d8 Rear Armor : 1d8
Main Gun : Fusion Gun (Light Energy Gun)
AP:3D / AT(L):3D (Slow Firing Weapon)
Secondary Weapon : Twin HMG (Light Gun)
AP:4D / AT:1D

Fire Support Heavy Battle Armor :
Main Gun : Medium Laser AT Gun (Medium)
AP:4D / AT(M):3D
Secondary Gun : Fusion Gun
AP Gun : Twin HMG

Melee : +2D in melee

An HBA may only fire one gun on a single activation.

Crew : 1
Attributes & Notes :

=> 5150 Heavy Battle Armor

Follow all the rules for Battle Armor.
Type : Walker (Normal Move : 8’’ ; No Fast Move)
Armor : Battle Armor (DV 1)
Weapons :
Plasma Gun (Star Army)
Fire Support Heavy Battle Armor :
Gauss Gun (= Rocket Laucher with only one target)
Plasma Gun (Star Army)

The Battle Armor do not count a penalty for firing two (and only two) weapons at once.


  1. Those look like stunning miniatures. Who makes the battle armour? The UNSC are also amazing. Great work here, I will be watching for updates!

  2. Thanks Inrepose. Unfortunately I don't know who made the battle armours. These are 6mm minis. I've just finished painting all my UNSC. I'll post pictures ASAP.