A Summer in a X-Wing

During holidays I managed to plan no less than seven games of X-Wing with my son (6 years old) and my three nephews (7-14-15).
I've not taken pictures of the first games (very simple ones to learn the rules). But the last two were epic.

In this game 4 imperial pilots are fighting the Millennium Falcon piloted by Han Solo. TIE fighters are fragile but efficient machines, hard to hit and highly maneuverable...

The opposing forces:
The Falcon with some improvements and Chewie

The TIE fighters

At first the Falcon handled the fight easily...

... with a TIE fighter destroyed in the asteroid field.

But a critical hit injured Han Solo who lost control of the Falcon in the asteroid field, causing heavy damages.

And a lucky shot (by my son) did the rest... Bye bye Solo.

FREEING HAN SOLO (from Boba Fett)
In this game 4 rebel pilots (2 X-Wings ; 2 A-Wings) are trying to prevent Boba Fett (and his escort of two TIE Interceptors) to sell Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt. Fett and the Slave One are no match for ordinary pilots...

The opposing forces:
2 TIE Interceptors and Boba Fett

Two wings of two fighters (each with A-Wing and X-Wing)

Dogfights above Tatooine

After the death of all rebel pilots, Fett is heading for Jabba's palace...

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