Dino Safari in memoriam

After having recovered Sir Edward Nolan's last wills, his friend decided to organize a dino-safari in memoriam. So Frank Mulligan took the lead of this special safari with Evariste Mercier, Colin York, 
William Ferguson, Klaus Haas and Malcolm FitzPatrick. Again they went deep inside the jungles of Lemuria.

Seb & Philippe are choosing their adventurers
Soon the first PEF (possible enemy force) is visible: two small herbivores.

William Ferguson fires and hit one. The beast is enraged and charges!
Fleeing Ferguson!!!

A second PEF moves near the hunters: it's a medium herbivore.

Mulligan fires on him and the dinosaur becomes also enraged!!!!

To increase the chaos, the third PEF comes in view: it's a medium ferocious dinosaur, a Dilophosaurus (REP4, Melee8, Move16)!

Fortunately he attacks the medium herbivore and Mulligan is crushed (OOF) in the middle...

All the surviving hunters flee, leaving Mulligan unconscious...

To be continued...


  1. Great AAR, Your table looks really good as do the dino's.

  2. That will teach Mulligan to go shooting poor dinosaurs!

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