I decided to play 5150: New Beginnings in the Stargate universe because it's easy to set up stories which match my miniatures and sceneries. The Stargate universe is huge but I have a guide to help me: the wonderful work of Andy Slack, Stargate SG-13, A GURPS Lite Campaign Set In TheWorld of the TV Show Stargate SG-1.

So what the SG-19 team looks like?

Major Rise, Sergeant Kovach, Corporal Stone, Pvt O'Brian (Peter Pig)

Major Jonathan Rise is a STAR (p.6 of the 5150: New Beginnings Rulebook). As with my other 5150:NB Star, Sean Cooper, I want a little challenge so I don't use all the star attributes: Leader (p.32), Star Power (p.6), Larger than Life (p.7), Cheating Death (p.7), Free Will (p.7), Bonus Dice (p.7), Choose one Attribute (p.9), Never OG (p.45), Choosing Target (p.47).
I rolled one attribute: Smooth. The other attribute, Wary, is the same for all the military characters in the team. They are all members of the Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance (an elite unit). To be part of a SG team you need to demonstrate "truly outstanding skills or knowledge vital to the mission" (Stargate SG-13, p. 27)...
Sometimes the team needs more brain than muscle, here come Dr Jones  ;-)

Dr Lubiana "Luby" Jones (GZG)

The marines use the POLICE reaction tests and are DUTY motivated. Dr Jones uses the LWC reaction tests and is SURVIVAL motivated.

What is part of the RECON field of expertise (Stargate SG-13, p. 45): 
Guns (Light Automatic), Navigation,Tactics, Throwing, Boating, Demolition, Electronics Operation, Photography, Swimming, Map, Camouflage, Climbing, Intimidation, Stealth, Survival, Tracking, Traps.

Apart from weapons, equipment is as follows (SG-13, p. 50-51):

Survival Load (about 5 lbs)
- Fatigue uniform: Baggy shirt and trousers covered in pockets, underwear, socks, boots, gloves, poncho, webbing.
- Personal basics: Toothbrush, soap, toilet paper, chewing gum, writing implements and notebook, etc.
- Survival basics: Bayonet or large knife and assorted miniaturised survival gear – matches, fishing hooks and line, snare wire etc.
- Canteen with one quart of water (3 lbs). Weighs 1 lb empty.
- Codebook and list of radio frequencies.
- Garage Door Opener (0.5 lbs). Transmits a code alerting SGC to open the Stargate iris; at least one member of each team carries a GDO – by mid-season 3, everyone seems to have one. 

Combat Load (about 25 lbs)
- Armour vest and helmet.
- Personal weapon (M-16, MP-5 or P90) with six magazines.
- Grenades: Six fragmentation and two smoke.
- Combat com-link (range 2 miles).
- Officers also receive a pistol (M-9) and three loaded magazines for it.


  1. Very cool idea. Keep us updated a much as possible pease.

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