HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (Star Wars by Grenadier Models)

Le week-end dernier nous avons fêté l'anniversaire (40 ans !) d'un vieux vieux copain. Pour l'occasion je lui ai offert deux figurines Star Wars de marque Grenadier Models. Ce sont les figurines avec lesquelles nous jouions il y a vingt ans (la peinture est d'époque, seul le socle est contemporain).
Tempus Fugit.

Last weekend we celebrated the birthday (40 years!) of an old old friend. For the occasion I gave him two Star Wars minis by Grenadier Models.These are the minis with which we played twenty years ago (the painting job has 20 years, only the base is contemporary).
Tempus Fugit.

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  1. It is a very nice and valuable present, your friend should be very happy to receive it!